Woman pretends to be Republican, scams conservatives out of money

Twitter user @chckpeas scammed conservatives out of $150,000 after pretending to be an ostracized Trump supporter | Image: Twitter

Her charade even involved a fabricated conversation with her mother who supposedly kicked her out for her political ideologies.

Move over Kanye West!

An American Twitter user named @chckpeas recently garnered the digital and financial support of Republicans by pretending to be a young black Republican in support of Donald Trump.

“I will not hide any longer, the left has made us feel as if us black republicans should hide!! but not anymore!! #BlacksForTrump #WalkAway #maga” she tweeted.

She followed the tweet up with screenshots of an alleged conversation between her and her mother in which her mother supposedly kicks her out of the family home for her political ideologies.

@chckpeas then added a link to a GoFundMe page in a follow-up tweet claiming to be in need of financial assistance because her parents cut her off and refused to pay her university tuition after seeing the tweet which (at the time of writing) had been retweeted over 8,000 times.

She has since taken the GoFundMe page down after Twitter users trawled her profile for evidence of her true political affiliation.

RawStory reported that she allegedly managed to raise over $150,000 (R2,131,837.50) through the page after she confirmed the amount to America Elle.


Image: Twitter

Image: Twitter

Austrailian publication 10Daily reports that the Twitter user, who claims her name is Karen, has since given interviews to publications such as NY Mag which feature differing accounts of what happened when compared to her interview with Elle.

When asked how much she had earned by 10Daily, she told the publication “that’s between me and the IRS”.

GoFundMe confirmed to 10 daily, however, that she only collected a total of just $97 from four donors which has been refunded.

A spokesperson told the publication: “After the campaign was launched, it was reported to our trust and safety team. The campaign was reviewed and removed from the platform. The platform is backed by the GoFundMe Guarantee, which means all donors are protected by a refund policy if misuse occurs.”

@chckpeas has since denied any wrongdoing but states that stealing from Republicans is not bad because they “aren’t people.”

She even managed to score a reaction and nod from The Daily Show’s latest recruit, Jaboukie Young White.


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