WATCH: Man cheats death after falling asleep behind the wheel

A screenshot of the video. Image: AFP, YouTube

A screenshot of the video. Image: AFP, YouTube

Startling footage shows the man’s panel van veering across the road and hitting a truck, but miraculously both drivers survived without serious injuries.

Startling footage has gone viral showing a panel van driving along a road in Mylushi, a village in the Lutsk district of Ukraine, and veering across the road before hitting an oncoming truck towing a digger.

The driver of the panel van is said to have fallen asleep behind the wheel.

After the vehicles collided, he is seen hanging out of the window, looking bewildered amidst the wreckage, but alive. Despite bearing the brunt of the crash, he was able to hop out of the vehicle without any assistance or serious injuries.

The driver of the truck was also not seriously injured.


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