Penisless man allegedly uses ‘unknown objects’ to penetrate girlfriends

Carlos Delacruz

The two girlfriends only became aware of this after they had broken up with the man.

Two successive girlfriends of a man without a penis only became aware of this after they broke up with him, an Edinburgh court heard this week.

Carlos Delacruz of Banknock, near Falkirk, had a relationship with one from 2013 to January 2016, and began the second seven months after breaking up with her. This relationship lasted nine months and ended because of ‘financial issues.’

Although both relationships included intercourse, neither woman was aware their lover did not have a penis and was using an ‘unknown object’ as a substitute.

Delacruz admitted to the court he penetrated both women with the substitute object without their consent.

Evidence was led that during the relationships he had refused to allow either girlfriend to see him naked and had always insisted on sex with the lights off.

One of the woman told the court that during sex Delacruz would hold the base of ‘his penis’ with his hand. Both revealed intercourse had often been painful and both contracted thrush as a result of their relationship. But neither thought anything was amiss.

The prosecutor told the court that Delacruz had been examined while in custody, and it was ‘found he didn’t have a penis’.

When the victims found out after they had broken up, they reported to the police how they had been tricked.

Delacruz was placed on the sexual offenders’ list by the court, but the term will only be determined when he is sentenced in September.

The women cannot be named for legal reasons.


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