Ukranian woman lived in a flat with her mummified mother for 30 years

The woman's mummified mother.

The woman's mummified mother.

Her neighbours were unaware she was living with her dead mother.

A woman has been found living with the mummified body of her mother in an apartment in Mykolaiv, Ukraine.

Police believe the 77-year-old had kept the remains of her deceased mother for at least 30 years.

Officers found the body lying on a sofa next to religious iconography. It was clad in a white dress and head covering and had blue shoes and green socks.

The woman lived alone and did not communicate with her neighbours. They called the police when they recently became concerned about her well-being, but none suspected that she was living with her dead mother.

The mummified body has been removed from the flat and sent for forensic investigation.


The apartment block. Image:

The apartment block. Image:

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