WATCH: Clever shoplifters take out armed robber with shotgun, save cashier

This was a case of small-time criminals suddenly becoming big-time heroes.

In incredible CCTV footage that has been doing the rounds, a couple of petty crooks turn the tables on an armed robber.

Although the source of the footage is unclear, it appears to be from the USA, and illustrates a convenience-store crime scene familiar to anyone who’s ever watched TV, but this tale has a twist.

The couple starts off by trying to steal a few items off a shelf, with the skateboard-carrying man keeping the cashier distracted while his partner stuffs her backpack with loot.

Everything suddenly escalates when a man with a shotgun bursts in to stick up the store. It’s at this point that the resourceful couple quickly hatch a plan and appear to work so well in tandem that it’s as if they’re reading each other’s minds. True teamwork!

The end result is that the attacker ends up floored and the cashier is given the shotgun.

You can only imagine this guy’s surprise, later, when he had a chance to look at all the footage.

Check out the amazing clip below:

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today in print