Midrand UFO truth finally revealed

The Citizen reveals the truth behind the Midrand UFO hoax after the originator of the viral sensation contacted us.

Last night Connect received an email confirming that the photo of the UFO is not real (no surprise there) and that it wasn’t taken in Midrand. The photo and story of the UFO went viral almost instantly and the story even made the front page of a Johannesburg newspaper.

The email received reads: “That photo of the UFO isn’t real. Took it using the “camera 360” app from [the] Play Store. Sent it to a friend as a joke via WhatsApp and it ended up on Facebook. The photograph was also not taken in Midrand, but just before the 14th avenue off ramp along the N1 south (shortly before passing the MTN offices). I had no intention to have it go viral – flummoxed that this happened. All in good fun though.” The sender said he believes he and Dineo Motake, the Facebook user who shared the photo, have a mutual friend who sent it to her. “I believe we have a mutual friend, who forwarded the picture on to her…I was just checking out the app.”

So there you have it – if you didn’t know before, you certainly know now: there truly is an App for everything. Social media is an amazing and dangerous place – certainly the only place we celebrate the multiplication vigour of something viral. So next time you share a funny photo be prepared: it might make you famous!

As for all the UFO enthusiasts out there, we in no ways see this rather disappointing end to a fanciful tale as any proof whatsoever that UFOs don’t exist. In the past few days the International Space Station has announced that it needs to rid itself of bacteria that is living on it – bacteria from outer space! This follows hot on the heals of Nasa announcing that it’s spacecraft is witnessing a water-like substance spraying out of one of Saturn’s moons! And wait for the best part – scientists are wondering just what may be swimming around in that giant celestial ocean!

ET has gone home, but all bets are off as to whether he will return in our lifetime.

If you missed it, read our immediate response to the news of the UFO here. Have a laugh – it is certainly an alien concept in South Africa recently.

Fake UFO in Johannesburg. PICTURE: Austin Rossouw

Fake UFO in Johannesburg. PICTURE: Austin Rossouw, commisioned by The Citizen

For the full story and how it all unfolded, check out our awesome sister site Connect.

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