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26 Oct 2015
2:21 pm

Capetonian driver nabbed 11 times over legal limit


A Cape Town drunk driver, one of 72 from the weekend, has been nabbed 11 times over the legal blood-alcohol limit.

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In a statement, the City’s Mayoral Committee member for safety and security, Alderman JP Smith said City of Cape Town traffic officers were “stunned” on Sunday when they arrested the man.

The suspect was one of 32 motorists arrested at a roadblock in Lingelethu West.

“Officers had to help him out of his vehicle, after his breathalyser test registered a reading of 2,76 mg of alcohol per 1 000 ml of breath. The legal limit is 0,24 mg per 1 000 ml.”

Smith said the driver “was quite simply in a paralytic state of drunkenness. I am pretty sure he wasn’t partying on his own, which begs the question why anyone would have allowed him to get behind the wheel of a car in that state? How are we ever supposed to change behaviour and make our society safer when people think it is acceptable to drink that much and then get behind the wheel to boot”.

City traffic officers arrested 12 more suspects – nine of them for reckless and negligent driving during operations targeting illegal street racing.

One operation in the Bellville/Stikland area on October 22 proved to be a “high flyers” event, with only brand new Audis and BMWs participating.

“One of the drivers arrested got into even more trouble when his father arrived at the police station to discover that his son had been burning rubber in his brand new Audi without his knowledge. This is not the first time something like this has happened. We had a similar incident with a teenager caught racing in his family’s Mini Cooper last year. I appeal to parents not to hand over the keys of their vehicles to their children or, if they do, to have tracking systems in place to monitor their behaviour. You might save a life,” added Smith.

The City’s Metro Police Department arrested a further 13 motorists for drunk driving.

A .45 calibre Star pistol was seized in Mitchells Plain and a zip gun in Ocean View. Five suspects were arrested in connection with these two cases, along with nine others on charges of drug possession.

Smith commended the Metro Police Department for taking illegal firearms and drugs off the street and highlighted a recent case in Hanover Park where a confiscated firearm was linked to an attempted murder case.