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5 Nov 2013
2:18 pm

WATCH: Terrifying skydiving accident caught on helmet-cam

Citizen Reporter

Terrifying footage has been released showing the moment two planes collided, captured on the helmet-cams of the skydivers forced to jump from the plane moments later.

A screenshot taken from the NBC News exclusive video that shows the terrifying moment two light aircraft collided, taken from the helmet cams of the skydivers forced to leap from the plane.

This heart-stopping footage was unearthed by NBC Nightly News  following the accident on Saturday in Wisconsin in the United States of America.

All nine skydivers, along with the two pilots, survived the freak accident during what was meant to be their last skydiving jump of the day. In the footage, the second plane is seen almost landing on top of the first plane even as it’s divers prepare to jump. Once out of the plane, the skydivers had to  carefully manoeuvre their chutes to avoid the debris from the planes.

The pilot of the first plane that had both its wings ripped off was taken to hospital for minor injuries. He escaped by grabbing the emergency parachute and leaping from the plane. The second plane’s pilot was able to land the badly-damaged aircraft at the airport.

The reason why the one Cessna suddenly dropped on top of the other light aircraft is not yet clear. The Mail Online reported that the Federal Aviation Administration will investigate the crash today.