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5 Nov 2013
10:40 am

WATCH: Angry elephant overturns car

Citizen Reporter

What would you do if a elephant charged your car? A video has been released showing the terrifying moment an enraged elephant charged and overturned a car in the Maputo Elephant Reserve.

The video, uploaded by Kruger Sightings, shows the elephant charging the driver of the vehicle on the weekend of the 19 October. As the elephant comes only a few metres away from the driver, the camera is suddenly tossed about – as the elephant overturns the car.

broken car

In addition to the shocking video, images like the one seen here are also interspersed showing the damage done to the vehicle after the attack.

At the end of the video, a link to a WikiHow page is shared giving tips on how to survive a charging elephant.  These include determining if this is a real attack or a ‘mock’ charge to test to see if you’re a threat.

In this case, it’s suggested you watch the elephants ears. If they are fanned out or relaxed it may be a mock charge. If the elephant’s ears are pinned back and it’s trunk curled inward, it is possibly preparing to trample you.

Should you believe it’s a real attack, the post gives a number of options, such as staying absolutely still to show the elephant you’re non-threatening or, as biologist Mike Fahey demonstrates in the video below, make a loud noise.

Other tips include never showing your back to the elephant or running away. Should you need to run, do so in a zig-zag fashion and try put as much distance between you and the elephant as possible. Climbing up sturdy trees or finding somewhere to hide are other options suggested.