VIDEO: Prophet Bushiri ‘walks on air’

A video has surfaced showing well-known Malawian pastor, Shepherd Bushiri, performing a ‘miracle’ – ‘walking’ on air.

In the bizarre video, taken at his South African residence, Bushiri is seen walking down a flight of stairs with his arms stretched out.

The camera then zooms in on his feet while the Enlightened Christian Gathering leader is seemingly airborne. His feet then touch the ground as the camera pans out, revealing the pastor standing with his arms stretched out yet again.

The video, which has over 100 000 views on YouTube, was also broadcast on his Prophetic Channel TV station, Nehanda Radio reported.

“If I can walk in the air, somebody thinks I can never capture a simple picture in the spirit. I know who I am and I understand the power of God and what that power can do. He is the God of impossibilities who can do anything,” Bushiri told his congregation.


“We have seen magicians performing miracles, why can’t we, as children of God perform equally and even more great miracles? It’s so unfortunate that some people are quick to believe in a magician’s miracle than in God’s miracle.”

“[I am] not proving anything, am just showing you that God is able and He is performing miracles through his chosen ones. Attack a small miracle, I will pray to God that He makes me perform something even greater than what you have attacked.” He said.



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