WATCH: Video of woman slapping kneeling boyfriend in street goes viral

A screenshot of the altercation between a couple that took place on the streets of Hong Kong that has gone viral.

What would you do to your boyfriend if you thought you caught him cheating? A video of a Hong Kong woman repeatedly slapping and berating her boyfriend while he kneels in the street has gone viral.

The 23-year-old young man is seen kneeling down in front of his girlfriend, 20, and her female friend in front of amused onlookers. The young woman, yelling loudly at the man in Cantonese, can be heard accusing her boyfriend of inviting another woman to his home.

Throughout their argument, the woman can be seen grabbing the man’s hair, and slapping him.

“Listen to me first before beating me!” he pleads in the video. “I told her not to come!”

But she speaks over him, repeatedly demanding to know if he had asked the girl to come to the apartment. As she grabs his hair he accuses her of slandering him and denies taking anyone to his apartment.

According to the South China Morning Post a female passerby eventually called the police and the girl was arrested. She was charged with common assault and her boyfriend was taken to hospital treatment.

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