WATCH: Former Bafana coach now a shampoo star

A screenshot from the advert for Head & Shoulders featuring none other than former Bafana Bafana coach Joel Santana.

What happens to a former Bafana coaches once they fade from the spotlight? Apparently they star in shampoo adverts.

Joel Santana, the former Bafana coach, is seen singing and dancing a disco/shower room straight from the 70s, complete with men dancing and washing their hair in shower stalls and hairdressers practising on mannequins.

Santana was the man South African soccer fans loved to hate during his spell at the helm of the national side after taking over the reins from Brazilian countryman Carlos Alberto Parreira in 2008.

The big Brazilian failed to warm up to Bafana fans for not being able to speak English off the field and his ultra-defensive tactics on the pitch. He was replaced by Parreira in 2009 after Bafana lost eight of their last nine games under him and went back to his home land where he has been coaching various clubs since … when he’s had time off from his acting career.

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