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4 Oct 2013
1:14 pm

Company hits back at ‘I Quit’ video with their own dance video

Citizen Reporter

Next Media Animation has responded to the 'I Quit' viral video by making one themselves.

The video of Marina Shifrin dancing around her office to Kanye West’s Gone while telling her boss that she quits went viral after it was posted on September 28, drawing over 12 million views. Now the Taiwanese news animator, who make those funny viral videos,  has hit back with it’s own video.

In the video, the boss and employees at the company recreate Shifrin’s video, adding their own text as they dance around the office.

“We work for an awesome company that hires based on our dance skills… ”

They go on to say that they eat lunch at their desk because there aren’t any restaurants around, but call it even because they have a rooftop pool and sauna.

“Plus we like to put on funky costumes and when we shoot our boss he plays dead. So it’s all good.”

They finish the video by wishing Shifrin all the best and announcing, ‘We’re hiring!”

bathroom video


The video has already drawn over 3 million views.