Marna Coetzee
1 minute read
18 Nov 2014
10:23 am

Twitter reacts to frog in Woolies salad

Marna Coetzee

Woolworths is in trouble with consumers after a customer found a dead frog in their Italian salad.

Dirk Steenekamp found a frog in an Italian salad he bought from Woolworths. Picture: Twitter (@Dirk_Steenekamp)

Dirk Steenekamp on Saturday posted a picture on Twitter with the hashtag “#WooliesFrogSalad” of the dead frog he found in the salad he bought from Woolworths.

The tweet was retweeted over 650 times.

Woolworths also replied to his tweet:

Woolworths said they were concerned about the incident.

“We do use pesticides sparingly, to ensure to that our fresh produce is grown in a healthy environment, that also preserves biodiversity.

A healthy farm attracts insects, frogs, birds… and it may well be that the frog slipped through our extensive quality checks undetected”.

Some people called Steenekamp’s bluff, saying he planted the frog in the salad.

Many were interested in the reaction from Woolworths:

And of course, the humour was also seen in the situation. Jokes ranging from the French delicacy of eating frog legs, to the protein and how unfair it was that only Steenekamp received a frog in his salad.