Cheryl Kahla
Deputy online news editor
1 minute read
22 Jun 2021
1:34 pm

WATCH: ‘This is a problem’ – Ramaphosa lost without his iPad

Cheryl Kahla

'I had my iPad, I had it in my hand.'

Imagine preparing for a news briefing and your iPad – with your speech, notes and other valuable bits of information – goes missing while you’re already live on air. This is how President Cyril Ramaphosa’s day is going.

Ramaphosa’s iPad mysteriously vanished during a press conference on Tuesday, leaving him so confused and dazed, one cannot help but feel sorry for him.

The president visited the Port of Cape Town where he announced the decision for the establishment of the National Ports Authority as an independent subsidiary of Transnet.

However, a missing iPad delayed the day’s proceedings by a few minutes when the President stares into the camera wide-eyed and whispers: “I had my iPad, do you know where they took my iPad to?”

Watch: Ramaphosa’s iPad goes missing

He then says “This is the problem of always handing out your gadgets to other people” and it would be best if he were to keep his gadgets close at hand at all times.

He then stares off into the distance before saying: “I had my iPad, I had it in my hand.”

It’s gone. I’ve lost it, it seems.

When directed to sit down while the search party investigates the mysterious case of the missing iPad, Ramaphosa repeats: “Should I sit down? Okay.”

The public is told the conference was “waiting on the president’s gadget to arrive for the briefing” before the chairperson extends a welcome to the delegation and the briefing proceeds.

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