Gopolang Moloko
1 minute read
4 May 2020
4:50 pm

WATCH: Monkey jumps off motorbike to grab toddler in attempted kidnapping 

Gopolang Moloko

WARNING: Footage not for sensitive viewers. The monkey can be seen jumping off a motorcycle to grab a toddler and dragging the child for several meters.

Shocking footage of a monkey on a motorcycle attempting to kidnap a toddler has left many on social media in disbelief, and with more questions than answers.

In the horrific footage, which is fast gaining traction on social media, the monkey is seen riding freely on a motorcycle before stopping at the scene of the crime.

The monkey brazenly reaches for the toddler in what appears to be its first attempt to kidnap the toddler.

The serial offender grabs the toddler. Although the first attempt fails, the motorcycle-riding monkey regroups and makes a shocking second attempt, this time with enough strength to drag the toddler a few steps away from his or her friends.

Shouts from people seeing the attempted kidnapping derail the serial offender’s attempt and the toddler can be seen running back to his or her mates. The shocking footage currently has over 9 million views on social media.

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