WATCH: SANDF defends video of armoured vehicle crashing into fence

The defence force claims there are those who hide behind pseudonyms while attempting to portray the SANDF negatively.

The South African National Defense force has come out defending a video which shows one of its light armoured vehicles uncontrollably swerving towards spectators before colliding with a gate.

The defence force said it noted with concern the ill-informed attempts to cast adverse doubts on its members.

In a statement elaborating on the reasons behind the video, the defence force confirmed there were no injuries suffered on the day after the armoured vehicle crashed.

“The SANDF can confirm that the incident happened during a practice run for the armed forces day 2020 capability Demonstration at the Roodewal Bombing Range. The range is a controlled area that is utilised by SANDF personnel equipment.

“It is regrettable that there are individuals who hide behind pseudonyms while intentionally portraying the SANDF negatively by posting and or commenting adversely against it with ill intentions of casting doubts about its personnel and equipment to the unsuspecting public.”

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