Hoender soek ‘n vrou

Tjortsie the rooster with his adoptive mother Natacha Jacobs. Image: Pretoria Moot Rekord

Tjortsie the rooster is recovering well from a mystery illness, as well as his brother stealing his wife away while he was ill.

Tjortsie, a chicken from Pretoria West who became an overnight internet sensation, is recovering well at home while actively seeking a new wife.

The rooster, who boasts his own Facebook page, was taken to the Onderstepoort Veterinary Clinic after he came down with an unknown illness. When Tjortsie was booked in, his white blood cell count was 43.

Since he was taken ill, Tjortsie’s Facebook page has garnered hundreds of new fans and followers.

“It’s going much better with him. He has more energy,” said Tjortsie’s adoptive mother, Natacha Jacobs told Pretoria Moot Rekord.

“The white blood cell count for a chicken should be nine. But the fact that the number went from 80 to 40 means the medication is working.”

Jacobs said she fed Tjortsie every hour, and he was staying in the house temporarily, as his immune system was still very weak.

In the meantime, Jacobs revealed that Tjortsie is actively seeking a new mate.

“While he was in hospital, his brother stole his wife away from him,” Jacobs said.

She said the hen had already gotten used to her new spouse, which is why she was opting to get Tjortsie a new mate.

Until now, Tjortsie has cost the Jacobs couple R7,400, with more costs inevitable.

Initially, the veterinarian thought that Tjortsie had an abscess in his stomach, but when he operated, it was discovered that it was only a mass of fat.

Tjortsie will be going for more blood tests next week, to determine what was wrong with him, and if he will make a full recovery.

This article was translated from Afrikaans by Nica Schreuder 

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