WATCH: Backyard ‘Brakpan fight’ ends with one-legged man chasing a car


The reason for this complete mayhem is totally unknown.

A video showing a group of at least eight people fighting at a house in Pretoria North – though some on social media said it was in Brakpan – has surfaced and mostly amused viewers.

In the video, seven people can be seen fighting, with two women pulling each other’s hair as another man uses a white pipe-looking object to hit his opponents.

The two women who take their fight to the street stop for a moment, before walking back into the yard and joining in with the rest of the group.

As the other group gets into their car, a man with a prosthetic leg walks out of the house to join in the fight, though he misses the action and almost loses his balance while trying to kick the car that’s driving away.

The neighbour who was taking a video of the fight can be heard shouting in Afrikaans: “Stop it! Hugo, call the police. Stop it, stop it! I’m calling the police. On Monday you’ll be evicted. I’ve got the video, missus. You are tenants here and on Monday you’ll get evicted.”

The tenants, however, don’t seem to care about their neighbour’s warning.

The house was previously believed to be in Brakpan but we have since received reports that the incident actually took place in Pretoria North.

Watch the video below:

UPDATE: It was previously reported that the incident took place in Brakpan, this has been corrected following reports that it took place in Pretoria North. 

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