‘You’re a small boy,’ Malema tells Ernst Roets with mocking video

‘You’re a small boy,’ Malema tells Ernst Roets with mocking video

EFF leader Julius Malema speaks at Sankopano Alexandra stadium in Johannesburg, 1 May 2019, at a May Day Rally. Picture: Nigel Sibanda

The EFF leader is happy to know that AfriForum is not pleased with him.

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema left his followers in stitches on Wednesday after responding to AfriForum with a mocking video.

The Afrikaner lobby group briefed media on Wednesday morning on three cases involving Malema.

The group’s CEO, Kallie Kriel, said the reluctance of the NPA to prosecute Malema had led the EFF leader to believe he was above the law.

“We are here to make sure there is equality before the law. You are not above the law, whether your last name is Kriel or Malema. Malema thinks he’s untouchable,” he said.

Kriel brought up the various cost orders the organisation has won against the EFF and its leader, putting the total at five and claiming the party has already paid three of those.

But the EFF leader was not moved by the lobby group and said he was pleased to know that the “Boers” were not happy with him.

“You are a small boy and everything about you and your team is small,” he told the group’s deputy CEO, Ernst Roets.

Roets said the group’s court cases against the EFF leader were not personal.

“It’s only because of your inclination to criminality and the fact that you act (and are regarded as) above the law,” said Roets.

(Background reporting by Daniel Friedman)

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