WATCH: Woman sparks social media debate after using plane fan to dry underwear


The mother seems to be doing damage control for her child.

A video of a woman drying panties using an aeroplane fan has gone viral and sparked a debate on social media. In the video, a woman can be seen holding white panties against a fan in an attempt to get it to dry up. Why the woman was in such a hurry to get it dry remains a mystery. Judging from the size of the panties, they seem to belong to a child.

The woman has been criticised for not considering other travellers’ health, while others have defended her for “doing what a mother has to do” to help her child.

Facebook user Megan Brougher wrote: “This is gross on so many levels. But for the people saying the mom was just trying to cope with a bad situation, that’s so unsanitary and that air is so contaminated and gross. Maybe try packing some backup undies!? I dunno just a thought while travelling!” while Susan Currie said: “I did this on a flight home ….forgot to pack a change of clothes onboard for my 3-year-old daughter… spilled juice! Was not going to get off a plane back in freezing Scotland with wet clothes or no clothes on her! Clearly a mum doing the same here.”

Watch the video below shared by ViralHog:

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