Helen Zille’s comment on sex leaves Twitter wondering if she’s hacked

Helen Zille’s comment on sex leaves Twitter wondering if she’s hacked

Helen Zille. Picture: Gallo Images.

Apparently, the Western Cape premier does not think having sex the whole day is the way to go.

Outgoing Western Cape Premier Helen Zille has not stopped tweeting, in defiance of Finance Minister Tito Mboweni’s request, and this time her followers are left wondering if her account was hacked.

Twitter user Siyasanga expressed what their ideal Sundays would be like if they married, and Zille had a different opinion.

Siyasanga tweeted: “I can’t wait to get married; sizovuka [wake up] on Sundays sitye iBreakfast noBaby [eat breakfast with baby]; siye ecaweni [go to church]; sibuye [come back] and have sex the whole day whilst roasting Sunday food kwiOven.”

But Zille said this wouldn’t happen, not for long anyway.

“Sex the whole day? Uzodinwa, bhuti [you’ll get tired, brother],” responded Zille, leaving some of her followers in stitches, and others wondering if her account had been hacked.

Responding to another follower who used former president Jacob Zuma as a meme and said having sex the whole day was “young privilege”, Zille wrote: “Just look at the expression on uBaba’s face. Young privilege se voet.”

Zille’s tweet came after Mboweni took to social media to ask her not to tweet.

“My sister, please don’t tweet today. You are in a wrong psychological space. Take it easy today. Ok. Uzaba strongo [you’ll be strong’],” said Mboweni.

In response, Zille told Mboweni she would not stop tweeting as long as the “minority South Africans” were being “abused”.

She said: “Dear Tito, I love you Tata, and I will never forget you giving me [your] seat on an aeroplane when I was battling with a sick baby on my lap. You saved my life that day. But I have my sleeves rolled up and I am sick of minority South Africans being abused. I will fight to the end.”

Zille made headlines and received criticism last week after her comments on “black privilege”.

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