KFC clarifies reports of ‘UKZN student’ who lied for free meals

KFC clarifies reports of ‘UKZN student’ who lied for free meals

KFCPhoto: Business Wire/KFC

UKZN is now famous for apparently having one of the most intelligent students.

Food chain KFC has finally commented on one of the most circulated stories claiming that a student from the University of KwaZulu-Natal was arrested for scamming his way to eating free at KFC for two years, though some reports say it was a year.

Though the source of the story has not been confirmed, several news websites, including some in the USA and India, left their readers hailing the apparent 27-year-old student as a hero for defrauding the food chain.

The stories claimed that the student would walk into a KFC and claim to be an inspector from the head office.

“He was so convincing that it took them two years to realise they were being robbed. He had a name card from ‘head office’ and dressed very smart and arrived in a limo. When he [came] in, he rushed to the kitchen and [checked] everything, taking notes and then ask for samples of whatever he wants. He probably worked for KFC before because he knows everything,” website Xpouzar quoted an apparent staff member as saying.

This unknown 27-year-old has been hailed as a hero all over the world for his “brave” actions.

“He is a legend and is now very experienced taster. KFC should employ him,” said Lee Kirichu, while Peroni Man wrote: “Really want to know his strategy. Same meal every day, or did he choose at random. Wish he was my dad. What a hero.”

Some said the KFC he got his meal from must be given an award for serving the best chicken the 27-year-old man could find.

Unfortunately, there is no student from UKZN who was arrested for defrauding KFC. The food chain took to social media to clarify that the reports were fake news after being asked to build a statue for the people’s hero.


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