WATCH: Drunk voter makes a scene as he struggles to make his mark 

WATCH: Drunk voter makes a scene as he struggles to make his mark 


He has been hailed as a hero for exercising his right even when he could not stand still.

South Africans were left in stitches after a video surfaced on social media showing a man who had had too much to drink before rocking up at a voting station to cast his vote. The man probably took advantage of the public holiday and thought he could have one or two before casting his vote, only that he overestimated his alcohol limit.

In the video, the man can be seen entering a room and leaning on the voting booth, then realises it is as unstable as he is, so he opts to balance himself.

But that proved to be an impossible task as he rocks the voting booth forward and backwards before pushing it a bit too hard. The booth lands on the floor and he tries to save it before falling over it and completely destroys it.

Now people have been wondering if he managed to vote. Some have argued that the man was okay until he saw the number of parties he could choose from.

Though most South Africans laughed at the incident, some questioned why the police did nothing to help.

In another incident, police were called in after a drunk voter reportedly caused commotion at the Hofland Park voting station.

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