American Twitter drags Chicken Licken wings, as Keyshia Cole tweets in Zulu

American Twitter drags Chicken Licken wings, as Keyshia Cole tweets in Zulu

Keyshia Cole. Picture: Instagram

Our pain was short-lived as Keyshia Cole came through with the Zulu drip.

South Africans had a bittersweet moment on Twitter after American Twitter dragged their beloved Chicken Licken wings, while singer Keyshia Cole was busy tweeting in Zulu.

A Twitter user posted an appreciation tweet for Chicken Licken wings with chips and wrote: ” I don’t usually post porn but woah.” However, Americans said the wings did not qualify as food porn.

The food chain even landed on the Twitter trends list.

“What in the hospital cafeteria is going on here?” asked US Twitter users, while another wrote: “The wings look alright, probably pretty crispy but that needs to be dripping in sauce.”

South Africans also responded in defence of the Chicken Licken and told Americans that though they may not be the best-looking meals around, they tasted good.

As they were busy defending Chicken Licken, Keyshia Cole was busy responding to her followers in Zulu, leaving many wondering if her account had been hacked.

The singer shocked South Africans after responding to a Zulu tweet and kept defending herself in the language, explaining that she had not been hacked.

She has been trending at number one on Twitter for it.

She further thanked people for following her on Twitter.

Now some of her followers have given her the name Kayise, while others said she should be named Khethiwe.

We still don’t know who was tweeting on her behalf, but it was great.

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