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26 Apr 2019
5:09 pm

Parrot taken into custody after trying to warn owners of drug raid

Citizen reporter

The parrot reportedly offered no information to the officials while in custody.


A parrot was reportedly taken into custody by Brazilian police after trying to warn its owners of an undercover drug raid at their house, Brazilian media reported on Wednesday. The bird apparently spotted police officers walking into the yard and started shouting “Mama, police!”, though the warning came in a bit too late.

A man and a woman were reportedly arrested, with drugs and large amounts of money found at the property.

While in custody, the parrot reportedly remained loyal to his owners and said nothing to the officials. He would not crack under questioning.

“He must have been trained for this. As long as the police got close he started shouting,” said a police officer, while local vet Alexandre Clark was quoted as saying by The Guardian that “lots of police officers have come by and he’s said nothing”.

He was reportedly handed over to a local zoo to learn to fly before being released.

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