Pillows, kettles, duvets and other weird things tweeps have taken from hotels

Pillows | Image: hiltontohome.com

Pillows | Image: hiltontohome.com

While most usually opt for the toiletries and slippers, others seem to be going home from hotels with a lot more.

Everybody loves a freebie but some people seem to have taken the idea of what constitutes a “freebie” too far.

This after a conversation sparked by Twitter user Nkanyezi Kubheka who admitted to taking hotel pillows home after each stay.

Kubheka’s admission sparked widespread shock which later led to a number of tweeps admitting to doing the same thing or something similar.

There are very few universal hotel etiquette rules but we’d imagine taking pillows has to be a no-no.

According to UK publication The Sun, items such as pillows, cushions and gowns are on the list of things guests are not allowed to take home. In the event that they go missing, hotels do bill guests for the missing items.

Check out some of the most bizarre things South Africans have taken home from hotels and the reactions to their admissions.

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