Woman sets up parental controls on TV to stop Trump-supporter dad from watching him



The woman has been praised for ‘doing the Lord’s work’.

Twitter user Stacie pulled a stunt when she got to her father’s house on Christmas and set up parental controls on his TV to stop him from watching President Donald Trump on Fox News.

“I’m at my dad’s house for Christmas Eve. He’s a Trump supporter. I just set up parental controls to stop him from being able to watch Fox News,” she said.

Stacie seemed to have given another Twitter user an idea as they said they would do the same to their mother-in-law, though this one could backfire.

Her actions, however, divided her followers, with John Templeton saying: “That’s your dad’s house, and his TV. You have the right to censor what he watches? I’m all for diminishing Fox News, but stomping on people’s rights? Not cool. Doing this to your dad? Gross.”

Stacie told Templeton to “lighten up”.

“My dad has a better sense of humor than you do. He’s a Trump supporter and he’ll know exactly who did this and will laugh.”

Other followers told her to make things more interesting by making her passwords “Obama44” or “Hillary4Evah”.

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