Social media questions identity of Chicken Licken ad complainant

Social media questions identity of Chicken Licken ad complainant

A screenshot from Chicken Licken's Big John colonialism ad | Image: Youtube

While some don’t get what the fuss is about, others have called for a blanket ban on recent ads.

Chicken Licken representatives will be appearing before the Advertising Review Board (ARB) in an effort to appeal the recent ban on their Big John advert following complaints that the TV commercial was making light of the atrocities suffered by non-white people during colonialism.

In the wake of the ad ban, however, there has been mass outrage at the furore surrounding the ad.

Majority of public sentiment is that there is nothing wrong with the ad and many are shocked that it only took one complaint for the ad to be reviewed and banned, but it seems as though the original complainant, Sandile Cele, is not alone.

Some have even gone as far as calling for the latest Nando’s ad to be banned as well while others are calling for a boycott of the franchise because they believe it was trying to make light of colonialism.

However, those who see nothing wrong with the ad far outweigh those who do and they have even compared it to a previous ad which poked fun at the concept of post-94 doomsday preppers.

In addition to trying to make the ad go viral online, some have made the allegation that the name of the complainant may be a pseudonym.

As the public awaits the appeal ruling, calls for the ad to be unbanned are streaming in.

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