Twitter goes wild over pics of man celebrating divorce with ‘brick-throwing’ girlfriend

Picture from Robert Kowalenko on Twitter.

Picture from Robert Kowalenko on Twitter. ‏

‘Whoever told you that bricks don’t work lied,’ says the girlfriend as she celebrates her man’s freedom.

Twitter user Robert Kowalenko and girlfriend Palesa shocked South Africans on social media on Thursday after publicly celebrating his divorce, further thanking his “brick-throwing” girlfriend Palesa.

Earlier this morning, Palesa tweeted that her boyfriend was getting divorced, adding that she was proof that bricks do work.

Then Kowalenko later posted this:

They then posted a follow-up two hours later:

The couple lit up Twitter, soliciting mixed reactions from their followers, with some telling Palesa karma would pay her a visit in a few years’ time, while others celebrated the news.

@Khaleesi responded: “Congratulations! I truly can’t wait to see this same tweet dedicated to your ruined marriage???? yazi the Lord is good. You reap what you sow in some way always. Best of luck. And thanks for disgracing womanhood. We appreciate it”, while @Ayanda Mnguni said: “Wow sis… you’re really rejoicing about breaking up a marriage?”

Though the couple misled the masses into thinking Kowalenko cheated on his wife with Palesa, she told a follower who asked her if she really bricked the wife: “Not actually, but I like the interpretation happening on the TL.”

“The brick metaphor was hyperbolic. You really think you can formulate some kind of analysis based on an isolated tweet?” she said.

But it did not stop tweeps from warning her against Kowalenko’s apparent future behaviour, though Palesa remained unshaken. In fact, she reminded them of the possibility that she could be the one to leave him and not the other way round.

Responding to those who said they felt sorry for Kowalenko’s ex-wife, Palesa said: “She’s getting married herself and trying for babies! I’ll send her your love though!”

In fact, according to Kowalenko himself, the ex-wife does seem to be very happy.

“Righteous Twitter, FYI: If love runs out, and your wife runs off with a Porsche-driving German investment banker, you are relieved of your contractual obligations,” he said.

These were some of the other hilarious reactions on social media:

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