WATCH: Commuters beat up train-jumping ‘tsotsi’

A screenshot of the video. Video: Twitter/@AdvBarryRoux

A screenshot of the video. Video: Twitter/@AdvBarryRoux

Metrorail commuters had enough after an alleged thief tried to escape, and proceeded to beat him until he jumped the train tracks.

A nimble tsotsi narrowly escaped a harsh beating from irate crowds at a Metrorail station.

The video, uploaded to Twitter by @AdvBarryRoux on Saturday, shows a group of commuters grabbing at an alleged thief, and hitting him with anything they could lay their hands on.

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The thief almost escapes a number of times, eventually realising that if he does get out of his sticky situation, it may end badly for him.

He jumps the train tracks and runs down a hill before disappearing swiftly jumping down a steep incline.

The video is definitely worth watching to the end:

While the violent crowd expressed anger towards the man, as he jumped, the crowd quietened down, and as he made his last epic jump, laughter can be heard in the background.

The alleged thief’s last epic jump before disappearing. Image: Twitter video screenshot/@AdvBarryRoux

After the man’s leap of faith, a security guard walks to where he jumped off the steep hill, before the video cuts.

It is unclear what led to the irate crowd, what the man did, and if police are aware of the incident.

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