WATCH: Woman keeps dropping child during fight with four others



It is difficult to tell who’s on whose side as these women keep throwing the punches at each other.

A video of fighting women has resurfaced on social media, leaving users failing to explain exactly what was happening. It was unclear when and where the fight among these five women took place, but the fact that it was taking place on a busy road has left Twitter users worried.

In the video, five Muslim, abaya-wearing women can be seen in a hectic fight as they take off each other’s hijabs.

The sad part, though, about the fight, is that there are children involved. One mother keeps dropping and picking up her child, who people at first thought was a doll, until she started crawling to her mother.

One other woman fights while trying to hold on tightly to her child, who looks younger than the crawling one.

User @TipbyNature wrote: “I had to watch it twice. I thought it was a doll at first until the second time I seen the baby move,” while Muriel K said: “Wait so while the baby in red is getting flung around like a rag doll, there is a whole other baby in the blue blanket on the right getting placed down gently, so mum can continue fighting.”

Watch the video below:

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