Penis cleaner elicits mixed reaction on social media

Image: Twitter/ @thapelomap

Image: Twitter/ @thapelomap

While some social media users think the product is necessary, others have vowed to never use it.

A tweet that started out as sarcastic commentary intended to highlight the gender disparity in “intimate” hygiene products has introduced a number of social media user to a product that they had previously never seen before – penis cleaner.

Twitter user @NadineKDirks asked cosmetics retailer, Clicks, where she could “find the penis deodorant/wash section” since the section for vaginal hygiene was so well stocked.

Dirks was understandably under the impression that such a section doesn’t exist.

Twitter user @ThapeloMaps then responded with an image of a penis cleaner and social media users have been shook ever since.

Others also took to the timeline to attest to the fact that they have seen such products for men.

The introduction of the products has elicited a mixed reaction on the timeline.

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