Tweeps beg Mboweni not to leave Twitter

Tito Mboweni shares the aftermath of a spicy meal | Image: Twitter

Tito Mboweni shares the aftermath of a spicy meal | Image: Twitter

The new minister of finance seems to have abandoned his account.

The renewed interest in a public figure with a healthy social media presence is often accompanied by a long, hard look into their old posts for anything contradictory and untoward.

It happened to Trevor Noah and Boity Thulo and now it is happening to Tito Mboweni.

Before becoming South Africa’s new finance minister, Mboweni was an avid user of the micro-blogging platform and he used it to share everything from his love for hot food to his annoyance with the municipality for over-charging him on electricity.

Mboweni also shared his thoughts on fiscal policy, socialism, land redistribution, and politics in general and his Twitter fans are worried that this will come to an end now that he is in office. Especially since he tweeted that he is considering ditching Twitter due to the increase in negative energy on the platform.

There is a growing number of people who are saving Mboweni’s old tweets on certain topics in an effort to hold him to the position he took on some matters depending on what actions he will undertake in office.

The first being his assertion that leadership positions need some fresh blood.

Mboweni also supports the idea of a state-run sovereign wealth fund and a state bank.

The new finance minister once shared an article which supports the notion that finance ministers should be held accountable for the positive and negative effects their policies have on the economy during their tenure.

Mboweni also had a lot of thoughts about land reform.

Mboweni has been radio silent on Twitter since the 25th of September and only time will tell what he plans to do with his account moving forward.

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