WATCH: Schoolkids save R30 a day by clinging to back of bus

Being a ‘Klingon’ can save you money, but it looks hella dangerous.

A video filmed on Wednesday morning by The Citizen’s office manager Johanna illustrates the lengths some schoolkids go to to save a few bucks every day to and from school.

She says she often witnesses the teenagers hanging on to the bus this way, sometimes for 10km stretches at a time, though they sometimes get off at bus stops to rest their arms and wait for the next bus.

Johanna tells us a bus ticket costs about R15, so the kids could be saving as much as R30 a day by being “Klingons”.


In the clip below, you can see them crouching down and occasionally looking in through the back window. This was shot on the route between Protea Glen and Thokoza Park in Soweto.

Free ride to school from Protea Glen to Thokoza Park.

Looks a bit dangerous.

Posted by The Citizen News on Wednesday, 29 August 2018

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