Fearless dog traps thief in swimming pool

Jes the brave boerboel. Image: Kormorant

Jes the brave boerboel. Image: Kormorant

A prospective thief was chased into a swimming by a boerboel, who kept the thief in his liquid prison until help arrived.

Jody Gabrielson was watching television in the early hours of Sunday morning in Ou Wapad in Ifafi, Hartebeespoort, when an intruder jumped over his wall, Kormorant reports.

“He woke our boerboel, Jess, and I heard her bark. When we looked out of the window, we saw him jump over the wall. But as soon as his feet touched the ground, Jess was on to him,” recalled Gabrielson.

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The man tried to escape, but Jess promptly chased him into the swimming pool.

“When I went outside, Jess was sitting on the edge of the pool growling at the intruder every time he tried to move. When I called her, the intruder jumped out of the pool and ran to a wall between my house and my neighbours. What he didn’t know was that pitbulls were waiting for him on the other side of the wall. He had a change of heart and ran towards me with an axe.”

A scuffle ensued, but Gabrielson’s wife had already alerted the community policing forum (CPF) and PMV Security.

Clive Fisher from PWV Security was on the scene within minutes, with the CPF hot on his heels, and the intruder was arrested and charged with breaking in.

“I told the man that he now probably realises that he tried to break into the wrong house,” said Clive.

Jess got a few pieces of beef as a reward.

This article was translated from Afrikaans. 

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