Mbalula reckons Bruno Mars looks good in ‘ANC colours’

Fikile Mbalula. Picture: Twitter

Fikile Mbalula. Picture: Twitter

The ANC is once again taking advantage of the fact that it shares its colours with the Caribbean island nation of Jamaica.

ANC head of elections Fikile Mbalula has become more active then ever on Twitter since being fired as minister of police.

His passion for his party remains undimmed, though – to the point that he sees the ANC just about everywhere he looks.

On Tuesday he tweeted a picture of superstar US singer and dancer Bruno Mars in an Adidas kit featuring ANC colours. Mbaks referred to him as “Comrade Bruno Mars”.

He also noticed a picture from last year when Rihanna was promoting a collection of clothing from Puma that paid homage to Jamaica. Rihanna hails from Barbados, which is also in the Caribbean. Mbalula claimed that Rihanna is actually promoting President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Thuma Mina campaign.

We suppose the next thing Razzmatazz is going to say is that Usain Bolt was breaking all those records for Madiba.

The similarity between Jamaica’s colours and the ANC’s has long been noticed (and sometimes not noticed enough). The ANC once left itself with some major egg on its face when it retweeted a selfie taken by a sexy Jamaican woman in a swimsuit, which the @ANCJhb account said was “ANC swimwear”.

The illegally photoshopped image of Errice Alicia that the ANC tried to appropriate to itself in 2016.

The tweet was eventually taken down and the party sent out an apology.

When Alicia realised she’d become a news story in South Africa, she was furious.

“No man, I’m seriously not amused. Just goes to show you can’t take what you see on social media as fact. Until a person confirms any information you should always have doubts. This is why I don’t entertain gossip directed at me or anyone else. SMH (Shaking my head) it was just simple swimwear.”

Reports at the time suggested she was considering suing the ruling party for R5 million.

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