Court grants parents eviction order against son, 30, who refused to leave home

The son who just won't move out, Michael Rotondo.

The son who just won't move out, Michael Rotondo.

Michael Rotondo, the son who just refuses to move out, has called the order ‘outrageous’ and says he intends to appeal.

A New York Supreme Court judge has granted Christina and Mark Rotondo an eviction order against their 30-year-old son, Michael, who refused to leave home despite five notices and a cash offer to do so.

The couple live in Camillus in upstate New York.

Michael didn’t pay his parents rent or help with the household chores.

But when he stayed put despite first written requests and later eviction notices drafted by lawyers, his parents were forced to go the legal route.

Michael told the court he hadn’t been given sufficient notice, but the judge disagreed and granted his parents the order requested.

Michael called the judgment “outrageous”  and indicated that he intends to appeal.

Unsuccessful thirty-somethings who still live with their parents around the world are hoping that he will succeed in winning the appeal, in what would be a landmark result for those who refuse to leave the nest.


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