Oops. Everyone on SABC News seems to be Jared Kushner

Not Jared Kushner.

Not Jared Kushner.

It seemed that the public broadcaster was playing a game of ‘Who’s Jared?’ on Monday night.

While reporting on the violence that erupted today on the Gaza-Israel border following protests at the USA opening its embassy in Jerusalem, the SABC’s gaffes in its Monday night coverage suggested that staff may be working a bit too much overtime.

They first of all introduced this gentleman in Jerusalem as US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.

He isn’t Jared Kushner, however.

Not Jared Kushner.

They then introduced this UN Security Council spokesperson as Jared Kushner.

He also isn’t Jared Kushner, however.

Also not Jared Kushner.

Eventually, though, the real Jared Kushner made an appearance.

Jared Kushner.

He is married to Trump’s daughter Ivanka and has been given the task of being a “White House Advisor” and “Peace Envoy” in the Middle East, which arguably isn’t going very well.

Israeli forces killed 55 Palestinians on the Gaza border in the conflict’s bloodiest day in years on Monday, as clashes and protests coincided with the deeply controversial opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem.

The surge in fatalities led South Africa to recall its ambassador in Israel “with immediate effect until further notice” while condemning the deaths “in the strongest terms possible”.

The clashes, which left more than 2,400 Palestinians wounded, erupted before a White House delegation and Israeli officials opened the embassy at an inauguration ceremony in Jerusalem and continued throughout the day.

It was the bloodiest day in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since a 2014 Gaza war.

The embassy inauguration nonetheless went on as planned, attended by a Washington delegation that included US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, both White House aides.

Ivanka Trump helped declare the new embassy open and a plaque and seal were unveiled before the 800 guests at the ceremony.

Trump addressed the ceremony by video.

“Our greatest hope is for peace,” he said despite the Palestinian anger the move has provoked.

“The United States remains fully committed to facilitating a lasting peace agreement.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Trump in his address that “by recognising history you have made history.”

Additional reporting, AFP



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