They should make Chester Missing the mayor – De Lille

Chester Missing with his human sidekick Conrad Koch.

Chester Missing with his human sidekick Conrad Koch.

The ousted Cape Town mayor thinks the DA is looking for puppets it can control.

Former DA member and recently ousted mayor of Cape Town Patricia de Lille has hit out at what she characterised as “conservative” DA members for her conflict with her former party.

She was addressing members of the media at a press conference in the city.

The DA announced on Tuesday morning that her public statements about resigning from the party last month meant she was now technically no longer in the party.

De Lille found this usage of a technicality appalling and intends to challenge the clause, along with many other perceived slights against her, in court.

She feels the party merely wanted to use any excuse to get rid of her because they’ve realised they do not actually have firm enough grounds to expel her properly.

De Lille explained that, in her view, her problems in the DA started in 2014 when she proposed a plan to other party leaders that would involve greater transformation in the City of Cape Town. She said that more conservative elements in the party were alarmed that she was going to change the status quo too much, and that was when various personality clashes began to become more frequent.

Despite her obvious anger at the party, the political veteran still had time to joke about her situation. She implied that the DA’s deployees are not expected to have their own ideas or plans, and merely do as they’re told.

When asked who she thought the DA should, or would, appoint as the next mayor, she answered: “Chester Missing, the puppet. Because, you know, then they’ll be able to pull the strings.”

Missing is South Africa’s most famous puppet, who’s known for his sarcastic political commentary. He’s the creation of ventriloquist Conrad Coch.

De Lille’s comment may also have been a jibe at party leader Mmusi Maimane, who has often unflatteringly been described as a puppet in the party, which many consider to still be “too white” in its leadership.

The puppet, for his part, has also had a few things to say about De Lille’s problems.

Cape Town’s deputy mayor is currently in charge of the city.


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