WATCH: Man to march to White House to announce end of ‘ANC terrorist rule’

Helgard Muller. Picture: Facebook video

An Afrikaner living in Oregon in the US believes he will ‘bring SA to a complete standstill’ at the end of the month.

A video on Monday by Facebook user Helgard Muller, 40, appears to suggest an event is being planned in the US that will shake the very foundations of South African politics.

Muller – a big fan of the old South African flag – explains in his upload, which the social media site tagged as coming from his current address of Salem, Oregon, in the US, that there will be a march on 31 May this year to the White House in Washington DC to “announce and proclaim” the end of the ANC’s “terrorist rule” in South Africa.

“We had enough. They are targeting the white man, killing our women, our children; raping them; slaughtering my people, young and old, on a daily basis by the tens of thousands.”

He adds that he wants these “terrorist organisation, the ANC and the EFF” to be held accountable “by the Western World for their deeds and actions”.

“On the 31st of May we will bring South Africa to a complete standstill.”

Picture: Facebook screengrab / Helgard Muller

How exactly this march will work and how many people will attend it was not apparent from the video, but an earlier post by Muller from April 8 – which sports the old South African flag, a picture of US president Donald Trump and which tagged two of his friends – was shared 4,000 times and attracted more than 500 comments. Many of them made fun of his plan.

Presumably, the march will at the minimum at least consist of Muller.

His StopTerrorAttacks.Org website also doesn’t work.

Other marches against farm attacks in Australia last month were reasonably well attended, however, primarily by expatriate South Africans.

Last week, Police Minister Bheki Cele revealed that since 2012, there were a total of 3 059 farm attacks reported, averaging 510 attacks a year, in which about 56 farmers on average were killed per year.

While Muller’s video clip in the main was received gratefully on Monday morning by many of his followers and other Facebook users, a few wondered what on earth Muller was hoping to achieve and how he would bring South Africa to a complete standstill while he was in America.

A search for information about Muller reveals he is an amputee who lost his foot. He made headlines several years ago for attempting to raise money for people with disabilities by cycling R6,000km along the border of South Africa.

He had his foot amputated after an agricultural accident in the US.

He lists his occupation in Oregon as being a “public figure”.

Among numerous posts against farm attacks and the old flag, was this one of a street sign in America for “Kafir Drive” that he appeared to find noteworthy and interpreted as some sort of omen that “your end is near” for the “corrupt” ANC and EFF.

Picture: Facebook/Helgard Muller

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