Stop calling Zodwa Wabantu ugly unless you want to buy her face

Picture: Instagram

Picture: Instagram

The semi-nude dancer abhors those who call her ugly but won’t buy her face if she tried selling it.

The R35 000 per booking semi-nude Vosho dancer does not mind that some people don’t like her face. The only challenge she has at the moment is that if she were to try and sell her face, no one would purchase it on the open market.

The birthday suit dancer, who has over the past years encouraged women to use their wares to get paid, continues to divide the nation a few weeks after she was deported from yet another African country earlier this month.

Zodwa’s Zimbabwean appearance in 2017 was mired in controversy as a leader of no less than Mugabe’s stature told her in no uncertain terms she is not allowed to attend Harare International Book Fair.

During the Human Rights Day address in Ermelo this week, EFF leader Julius Malema told his supporters his party was not interested in leading a “Zodwa Wabantu generation” or the “Vosho generation”. He said they want to groom a fearless generation.

In the latest video, Zodwa delivered the following translated message below:

“Hello. This is Zodwa Wabantu. Your Zodwa. [If you don’t like me] Listen, don’t type ugly, just say I don’t like her. You know. I understand if you don’t like me. But if you say, ugly, I can’t change my face. What must I do? Must I sell my face? Which you all won’t buy because you don’t want it. What must I do? This is my face.”

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