Eish! 21.2.2018 03:54 pm

Gigaba jokes that he needs ‘Candy Crush rehab’

Malusi Gigaba playing an iPad game in parliament. Picture: Twitter

Malusi Gigaba playing an iPad game in parliament. Picture: Twitter

The minister of finance reckons the DA needs more rehabilitation than he does though.

In an off-script remark while delivering the 2018 Budget Speech, Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba decided to make a joke about being caught out playing Candy Crush in Parliament. In the same breath he referenced the fact that he’s often been called a “Minister of Instagram” for his sharp dressing and social media presence.

He made headlines on Friday after a reporter took a photo of him playing the addictive game on his iPad prior to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s maiden state of the nation address.

The controversial minister was heckled by the opposition (minus the EFF because they opted to boycott what they consider a minister captured by the Guptas) when he said: “At risk of being called minister of Instagram”, he thanked a social media user for saying they would be willing to join him in “Candy Crush rehab”. He said others needed far more serious rehab, especially those “to his left”, meaning the DA.

He received heckling as well as laughter. There were far more boos later from the opposition when he thanked former president Jacob Zuma for the role he had played in the budgeting process.




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