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‘Owner of R700k alcohol bill,’ says receipt was accidentally leaked to social media

A receipt for alcohol which was leaked on social media.

A receipt for alcohol which was leaked on social media.

A 28-year old man from Durban has claimed a receipt showing hundreds of thousands spent on rare alcohol according to a report.

The bill has been circulating on social media for a few days now, with many people reacting to the astronomical amount of R740 000 which was spent on an assortment of luxury champagne, rare whisky and cognac.

According to Sowetan LIVE, the man who purchased the alcohol is from Durban and an ‘underground binary investor’ who purchases property around the country.


“That picture accidentally leaked to social media. I am not a show-off like other Forex or binary traders. Most of them think that they are rich or self-claimed millionaires but when it comes to reality‚ they got nothing‚” he said.

The man also said the R600 000 bottle of Glenfidditch whisky was only set to be opened on 31 December as it was especially rare.

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