Eish! 1.12.2017 11:41 am

LISTEN: They made Siri ‘sing’ Omunye Phez’ Komunye, Sister Bethina, and it’s amazing

No one knew they needed this, but Siri singing ‘hibiri’ and ‘in the meantime, oh sh*t!’ hits the spot.

Twitter has been inconsolable since recordings of Siri “singing” some of our treasured ratchet anthems surfaced yesterday.

Somewhere in South Africa, someone got the clever idea to make Apple’s trademark iPhone voice assistant read out the lyrics to gqom producers Distruction Boyz’ hit song, Omunye Phez’ Komunye.

The results are surprisingly impressive, as Siri nearly follows the same rhythm of the original song’s vocal chants, with near-accurate pronunciation.

Here is Siri allowing herself to flourish:

After a Twitter user (@TbangSA) unleashed this creation on to the masses on Thursday, Siri’s version of the Distruction Boyz prompted another account (@Omps_Nkwe) to record Siri’s cover of Mgarimbe’s Sister Bethina.

And it went a little something like this:

The reactions:


Siri really has come a long way from being the voice of a suburban woman in the US who would go on to become a feature of smartphone users’ everyday lives.

Apple introduced the voice feature in 2011, but the woman who gave life to this beloved feature, Susan Bennett, was not duly credited and compensated for her contribution until she won a massive $25-million lawsuit against the tech giant last year.



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