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Shock as Nico Matlala kicks girlfriend out of house, cops are called in

Picture: Facebook

Picture: Facebook

The businessman’s personal drama has hit social media after videos of him chasing his girlfriend out of the house emerged over the weekend.

Millionaire businessman Nico Matlala was trending on Twitter after he uploaded videos of himself and girlfriend, Lebo, having an argument.

In the heated spat, Matlala is shouting at Lebo, whom he once proudly showed off on his social media accounts. He can be heard telling her: “You say, ‘mama this, mama that,'” as he records the video.

Lebo looks fearful in the video, but mostly keeps quiet as Matlala goes off on her. He tells her: “You have brought stress to my life … you don’t have to act. To say that you want to get off while the car is moving, you don’t have to do that.”

In another video, Matlala and Lebo can be seen with police, and Lebo says she wants to get her stuff out of his house. Matlala then chases her out, telling her to get out because she took a video.

Another video shows Lebo leaving with the police.

Nico and Lebo set social media alight a few months ago when he bragged about taking Lebo from Shaun Stylist, a popular fashionista. A Facebook account was opened, from which the person behind it mocked Shaun.

“I am sorry for your loss, Shaun, but not pretty much so. I can’t sympathise with you and forget to celebrate my gain, thank you for guarding her for me though while it lasted.

“I had to take her for good this time, and don’t worry, I will give her more than just matching outfits.

“You can delete all your pictures together now while you watch us make new memories,” read the post that has since been deleted.

Matlala has been romantically linked to actress Palesa Madisakwane.

You will f***ing know my true colours, Nico Matlala tells ex in leaked audio

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