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Twitter compiles list of words and their meaning from Papa Penny’s dictionary



The king of SA reality TV is back, and he set Mzansi on fire after last night’s episode.

Reality TV show Papa Penny Ahee is back, and South Africans could not hold back from sharing their excitement on Twitter. The show trended, for good reasons, of course, with people reiterating that it was the “realest” show on TV at the moment.

Papa Penny is not apologetic about his command of the queen’s language, and Twitter loves him for this. However, like Somizi Mhlongo, Papa Penny has created words of his own that newcomers might need to know, should he continue using them.

From the previous season, Papa Penny set the record straight when he said he was not black, but “goldie colour”.

Now Twitter has decided to compile a list of a few words and their meanings that some might have missed from last night’s episode.

While there are VIPs – Very Important People – Papa Penny also has NIP – Not Important People.

The world speaks of poison, but in Papa Penny’s dictionary, it is called a “quick die”.

When someone is said to still be “sending a CV”, they are too young to be honoured.

Penny Gaza is Sun City or Las Vegas.

Among some of the interesting scenes from the show last night was when Papa Penny’s wife went to visit his mother, only to discover that there was ‘beef’ between her and her mother-in-law that she wasn’t aware of.

After refusing to leave her house for her son’s home, Mama Nomi asked her mother-in-law why she was refusing to leave with them.

“Who are you fighting with at home?” Mama Nomi asked, to which her mother-in-law said: “I’m fighting with you,” though the two laughed about it.

“That means I should leave so you can stay with Penny, isn’t it so?” Mama Nomi continued.

Papa Penny’s mother, however, said she did not want that to happen.

“I don’t know what I could have said or done to upset her, that’s what really hurts me,” Mama Nomi added.

Papa Penny said he had never picked sides.

“If my wife is wrong, I tell her she’s wrong. I also tell my mom if she’s wrong, but, anyway, what can we do? My wife and I have to stick with my mother because there’s nothing we can do. Whatever she does, she’s still our mother,” he said.

Oh, Papa Penny also has a statue.


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