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Twitter votes for No. 1 blesser in SA, and he’s not happy

Rands. File photo.

Rands. File photo.

He says he cannot be one, as he is not a billionaire.

ANC veteran Tony Yengeni decided to have fun on Twitter on Friday by asking three questions, and some of the answers he got from his followers were not what he was expecting.

Yengeni asked who the number one blesser in South Africa was, a question some of his followers said was “suspicious”, saying he had a name he wanted to be mentioned.

While some suggested it was Kenny Kunene, who has since said he had left that lifestyle, some said it was the taxpayers who were blessing corrupt government officials.

Another told Yengeni that those at the Cape Town University of Technology said it was him, an answer that did not please him.

He said “bayandisukela [they’re on my case]”, adding it would be impossible for him to be a blesser, as he was not a billionaire.

However, this did not stop Yengeni from asking more questions. He asked who the number-one consumer of Ben 10s was, to which his followers gave a few names.

When he asked who the number one Ben 10 in South Africa was, some of his followers suggested that he made a top 10 list of the Ben 10s to choose from.

We are still waiting for the list.


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