WATCH: This man’s phone conversation on an ’emotional’ train will make your day



This commuter made that train ride a joyful one.

A video of a man on a train to Cape Town station has gone viral, and left social media users and the train commuters at the time in stitches.

In the video, a man is talking on the phone, asking the person on the other end to come and pick him up. Their communication is a bit distracted though, as the train is “emotional”, in the man’s words.

The person on the other end asks the man on the train what his name is, and shem, the man struggles to spell Joseph, so he asks train commuters to help him out, which they do.

While everyone else on the train laughs at the man, there is one commuter who gets irritated with the noise. The man simply retorts that the irritated commuter can also make noise if he wants, as they were on public transport.

He further tells the irritated man he’s just jealous.

It is unclear if the phone call was real or if this was just a funny man pulling his stunt to make people laugh.

Either way, it’s hilarious.

Watch the video posted on Facebook:


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