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Bonang defends herself and Babes Wodumo against Twitter trolls

Bonang Matheba.

Bonang Matheba.

Though she doesn’t deny that she and Babes Wodumo need prayers, the TV personality says the Twitter user also needs them.

Bonang Matheba has recently taken to Twitter to defend herself against a Twitter troll who said she and Babes Wodumo needed prayers. Following her release, Bonang has been the talk of the Twitter streets, with followers complaining about grammatical errors in the book. Her book has been recalled since, with Exclusive Books offering to refund those who had purchased the book. Now the country waits for the new and improved version of the memoir.

Babes Wodumo set Twitter alight on Tuesday after she posted a video on social media pleading with her followers to help remove a song of hers from the internet that could have been leaked before its official release.

In the video Babes Wodumo says she lost a USB containing a song of hers – Gandaganda, that she was still working on – asking people to help recover it by sending her links to the song so she could try to remove it.

In isiZulu, she says: “We have heard people say they’ve heard it being played in South Beach and other places. So guys, if you have a link to the song, please send it to me, whether you DM it or on Facebook, Bongekile Simelane. Please send it to me so we can try to delete it, please. It is painful because it has not been mastered yet. So I’m begging you, please help me.”

Social media users could not understand how the Wololo hit maker would delete the song through a link when she said it was in a USB. It has since turned out that her plea was a PR stunt.

The two have been compared to each, with Twitter users saying they belonged in the “same WhatsApp group”.

One user tweeted Bonang: “South Africa, let’s come together and pray for Babes Wodumo, she needs our prayers. Don’t forget Bonang too,” they wrote.

Though Bonang did not deny that she perhaps needed the prayers, she told the troll that they too needed the prayers.

“You don’t have a hit. Or a hot career. Pray for yourself too,” she tweeted.

Twitter had a field day. Check out some of the reactions below:








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